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MersenneForum is an on-line forum set up to support GIMPS, the broader community of Mersenne numbers, prime number, and factoring projects. In addition to being the de facto help and support location for Prime95 and GIMPS/PrimeNet, there are several other major facets to the site, these are noted below.


The provides an alternate source for downloading GIMPS software. Other items mirrored or downloads available at MersenneForum are: [--under construction]

Prime number software discussion and development

Various prime related software packages that are found supported at MersenneForum inculde:

DC Projects home

Projects that are (or have been) co-ordinated on the forum, these include:

Help and Education

With many experts as frequent visitors, the forum has several subfora that are dedicated to answering questions and education.

"Off-topic" discussions

There are several locations where off-topic discussions are tolerated or encouraged.


Among others, MersenneForum is used by:

Person Nick
Aaron Blosser Madpoo
David Cleaver WraithX
Andreas Höglund ATH
Ernst Mayer ewmayer
Preda Mihai preda
Luigi Morelli ET_
Mark Rodenkirch rogue
David Stanfill airsquirrels
Oliver Weihe TheJudger
George Woltman Prime95
Shoichiro Yamada msft