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321 Search

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321 Search is a distributed computing project to search for primes of the form 3*2n-1.

This project is maintained by PrimeGrid now.

These are the simple steps needed to participate in the 321 Search for primes.

Reserve a range

To reserve a range to test in 321 go here, choose a test and post "xxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx :: xx reserved by Your_Username". You can then download the corresponding range from here.


Thomas11 reserving multiple ranges to work on

Test it

Test your range for primes by using LLR.

Report in

When you are finished with your tests you'll send the lresults.txt to Then he'll take care of the rest. Remember to write your username and what range you have completed. Just in case.

Then, if you want to continue, just repeat the whole process.

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