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PrimeNet is the grid system for the Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search (GIMPS). PrimeNet comprises tens of thousands of home and office PCs, servers, and laptops with either LAN or dialup Internet connections. Since 1996 a global community of users has emerged dedicated to performing real research on a massive scale using ordinary Internet-connected home and office computers connected through the Internet. Thousands of thoughtful individuals, businesses, teams (such as Ars Technica's Team Prime Rib), schools, universities (such as University of California, Los Angeles), and other agencies offer their spare CPU time to this math research.

Scott Kurowski wrote the software for the PrimeNet server that supports the GIMPS project to demonstrate the Entropia distributed computing software, a company he founded in 1997. Entropia ceased commercial operations in 2004, although no formal announcement to that effect was ever made. Founder Scott Kurowski, who has since left Entropia, now runs the PrimeNet Server.

To obtain both the program to help with the search and to get assignments one needs to use PrimeNet and the associated Prime95 program by George Woltman. Thus, if you own an Intel or AMD machine, PrimeNet is your source for both the code and for work to do.

In 2014 PrimeNet was moved to a more modern server. At that time much of the code was rewritten and modernized. This newer and much more capable server has allowed many updates and changes to the webpages. This also has lead to the effort to bring the functions of the GPUto72 server to PrimeNet.

"PrimeNet" is also the default team name for the means of reporting results from Prime95 software.

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