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Curtis Cooper

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Curtis Cooper
Personal data :
Real name : Curtis Cooper
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The Prime Pages : Cooper
Website : His Prime page

Curtis Cooper is a professor in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Central Missouri. He created a PrimeNet account on 1998-07-06. On 2005-12-15 he and Steven Boone discovered that 230 402 457-1 is prime; it was the 43rd Mersenne prime ever discovered and the largest known prime of any kind at the time. This record was surpassed on 2006-09-04 when the pair discovered the 44th known Mersenne prime, 232 582 657-1. As of 2008-09-15 his account is ranked #1 on PrimeNet in LL testing, with over 242 000 P90 CPU years. His record as the largest Lucas-Lehmer test has remained strong and as of 2016-01-19 he has almost 19 million GHz-Days of work contributed.

On 2013-01-25 Cooper discovered his third Mersenne prime, 257 885 161-1, the 48th known.

On 2016-01-07 Cooper was again the discover of another world record Mersenne prime, 274 207 281-1, the 49th known. At the time of discovery, he ran Prime95 in five labs of his university on approximately 800 computers.

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