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Advanced Vector Extensions

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Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX) are instruction set extensions introduced by Intel in 2011.




Expanding most integer commands to 256 bits.


They add 512-bit vector operations capabilities in 2013, with up to 2 FMAs (Fused Multiply Add instructions), to accelerate performance of demanding computational tasks.

AVX-512 instructions are used by optimized primality testing software like Prime95 and Mlucas to increase performance.

Machines with AVX-512 capabilities were used to verify M50 at the time of its discovery. [1]

As of April 2018, some of the processors supporting AVX-512:

  • Intel Xeon Phi x200 (Knights Landing)
  • Intel's Skylake-X CPUs
  • some CPUs from the Intel Core-X series (such as i7-7800X)
  • Intel Xeon D-2100

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