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Primality testing program

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A primality testing program is a program that performs primality testing.


Program Numbers tested Hardware OS Link
Prime95|MPrime Mersenne numbers
a × bn±c (only factoring and PRP-testing)
x86 CPU Windows, Linux, Mac, FreeBSD
LLR k × bn±c general numbers Windows, Linux, Mac [1]
llrCUDA k × bn±c CUDA GPU Linux [2]
CUDALucas Mersenne numbers CUDA GPU Windows, Linux
clLucas Mersenne numbers OpenCL GPU
gpuOwL Mersenne numbers OpenCL GPU
Mlucas Mersenne numbers x86 CPU
Glucas Mersenne numbers CPU
PFGW general numbers x86 CPU Windows, Linux, Mac [3]
Phrot k × bn±1 [4]
Genefer generalized Fermat numbers CPU Windows [5], [6]
GeneferCUDA generalized Fermat numbers CUDA GPU [7]
Primo general numbers 64-bit CPU Linux [8]
ECPP-DJ general numbers CPU [9]
Proth k × bn±1 Windows [10]
MPZ APR-CL general numbers CPU [11]
Pock primality testing by Pocklington's theorem [12]
Maclucas.cuda Mersenne numbers CUDA GPU [13]

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