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GIMPS client files

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The Prime95 directory contains generally speaking two kinds of files

Work related files

Prime95.exe The program file providing the GUI and the background algorithms (for Windows and MacOS)
mprime The program file providing the background algorithms (for Linux and FreeBSD). Run in a terminal
prime.txt A configuration file containing information about the GUI's output behaviour and the connection with the PrimeNet server
local.txt This file contains computer specific information necessary to predict the completion dates of your work units and, in case you use/have used PrimeNet, its ComputerID
worktodo.txt A scheduling file containing the currently assigned workunits
results.txt A history file containing completed workunits and related stuff
p, q, f, & m files Intermediate checkpoint files containing interim results of the workunits. The signs following the initial letter indicate the exponent of the related workunit.
prime.spl A binary file of messages that have not yet been sent to the PrimeNet server
prime.log A text file listing all messages that have been sent to the PrimeNet server
primenet.txt A configuration file needed in case PrimeNet is contacted via a proxy server or firewall
worktodo.add A file containing workunits to be added to the queue in the worktodo.txt file.

Additional information files

prime95.chm The Prime95 help file
readme.txt General information
Undoc.txt A list of undocumented features to adjust the behaviour of Prime95
License.txt The terms under which you're allowed to use Prime95
Stress.txt Information about stress testing your computer