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The Other Prime Search (TOPS) is a prime searching project established in 2011 by Predrag Minovic (Kosmaj) and Thomas Ritschel (Thomas11).

The initial project description was as follows:

Search for large generalized Cullen/Woodall primes. Breaking records, finding primes for primeless bases! In the future we plan to expand to near-repdigits, palindromes and other infrequently searched forms.

So far the following subprojects have been addressed:

(1) Generalized Cullen/Woodall primes, started in 2011.
(2) Irregular primes (Bernoulli and Euler), started in 2013.
(3) Consecutive primes in arithmetic progression.
(4) Cunningham chains and Sophie Germain primes.
(5) Near-repdigit primes.

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