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PrimeGrid Prime Sierpiński Problem

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The Prime Sierpiński Problem is a PrimeGrid sub-project, launched in 2008. It is a continuation of the Prime Sierpinski Project that operated on the Mersenne Forums.


The Sierpiński problem is attempting to prove that k = 78557 is the smallest Sierpiński number. However, 78557 itself is not a prime number.

The Prime Sierpiński Problem wants to find the smallest Sierpiński number that is also a prime number. The smallest known number that meets these conditions is k = 271129. To prove that 271129 is the smallest prime Sierpiński number, all prime values of k < 271129 must be shown to produce a prime number of the form k•2n+1.


As of 2023-07-03, there are 7 k-values being searched by the project: 79309, 79817, 152267, 156511, 222113, 225931, and 237019. The search is at n > 28,690,000.

There are also no known primes for k = 22699 and 67607, but these are already part of the standard Sierpiński problem.

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