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NFS@Home is a distributed computing project which uses the BOINC platform to perform the lattice sieving step in GNFS and SNFS. To date NFS@Home has done over 2300 factorizations, using the 14e, 15e and 16e lattice sievers from GGNFS.


For the 14e and 15e queues:

  1. Numbers are proposed by people in the fast breeding thread once they have received enough ECM (and a good enough polynomial is found, if the number is to be factored with GNFS).
  2. Greg Childers (maintainer of the project) puts the numbers in the queue to be sieved.
  3. Users connected to the project run work units which sieve some special q (typically 2000 per unit).
  4. People reserve numbers to post process in either the 14e or 15e threads.
  5. Post processing is run and factors are posted.

For the 16e queue, a similar procedure is run but the numbers usually come from the Cunningham project and Greg runs the post processing himself.

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