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Jonathan Pace

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Jonathan Pace (Jon Pace) is an American electrical engineer. He is credited with discovery of the 50th known Mersenne prime 277,232,917-1.

At the time of discovery, Jonathan Pace was 51-year old. He lived in Germantown, Tennessee, and worked as a flight operations finance manager at FedEx.

He has loved mathematics since high school. He participated in GIMPS for 14 years prior to the discovery. He first became interested in searching for primes in 2003, when he read an article about the discovery of the 40th known Mersenne prime.

He discovered the Mersenne prime using a computer at his church. At the time of discovery, Pace was a deacon at the Germantown Church of Christ in Tennessee, where he built their desktops and handled the computer network administration. He installed Prime95 on one of the minister's computers and this computer found a Mersenne prime in six days of computation. This was just one of over a dozen machines Pace was using for the search.

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