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Help:Wiki rules

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Personal attacks

There's no place for users to personally attack other members of the wiki community or parts of Prime-Wiki, all comments should focus on any content, not a person.

Edit warring

Editing the wiki by many contributors it is possible some may disagree how data or information are presented. Do not start an editing war but use the talk page to find a consensus.

Good faith

Any contributor may make mistakes editing a page, so please be polite not to insulting such erros. Assume good faith instead and be helpful.


Wiki vandalism will be defined as intentionally adding, removing or changing content to the wiki in order to compromise the integrity of the site. It is strictly prohibited.

Examples of vandalism include but are not limited to:

  • Inserting nonsense/gibberish into page content.
  • Uploading offensive images.
  • Blanking page content.
  • Spamming links to external sites unrelated to the content of Prime-Wiki.


Editing this wiki is intended to use only on user registration, using more than one by a single individual is known as "sockpuppeting". A second account can be used in certain rare circumstances and will only be granted by an administrator.

If any second account is found for purposes of bypassing such rule all associated accounts will be permanently banned.

Talk pages

When making comments or asking questions on a talk page, be sure to sign the end with four tildes (~~~~).

  • Always remain civil during discussions.
  • An article's talk page is intended for discussion or questions regarding the article's content and is not a forum for casual discussion. Any personal remark will be removed.
  • Generally, other user's contributions should not be edited, except for maintenance tasks like fixing links or templates.

Personal signatures

User accounts got a standard signature with links to the user page and user talk page. Personal signatures are not allowed.

Article guidelines

These guidelines are meant to clearly the look of articles on this Wiki to maintain consistency throughout the articles:

  • U.S. English only for all articles. Other languages are supported but not yet implemented. Different spellings can be inserted on an page using the category Spelling.
  • No profane, sexually explicit or any inappropriate language except.
  • “Encyclopedia” style: No first or second person perspectives, opinions, subjections, or any personal influencing.
  • Every article has to be sorted into an existing category, new categories will be created only by administrators.
  • Article pages should contain a section with external links to give the reader more information.
  • Editing existing templates is only granted to administrators, because these are used on many pages and could heavily break other pages. New templates or changes have to be discussed first.
  • To minimize the database overload editing a page should be well considered: do not edit/save a page several times, use the "Show preview" button first and condense several edits in once.
  • Always fill the "Summary" while editing a page with a short remark. These will be shown at the Special:RecentChanges.
  • Redirects should be avoided because of confusing editing/creating articles: using an existing article to link to it.

Images and files

Uploading images and files (permitted file types are: pdf, png, jpg, gif, txt, csv, svg (only lower case)) are currently limited to a filesize of 2 MBytes. Creating pages with big data tables is prohibited, instead use the upload of files in pdf/txt format and show them in the article as link or image. This will not inflate the wiki database because those files saved in the file system only.