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Factoring Database

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The Factoring Database is a database of factors of numbers of any kind, programmed by Markus Tervooren.

It has the following functions available:

  • Users can search for known factors of numbers
  • There are "workers" which can be used to factorize numbers
  • View the following type of sequences:
    • Aliquot sequences
    • Home primes of various bases
    • Inverse home primes of various bases
    • Greatest prime factor ^2+1, ^2+2, ^2-1, ^2-2, ^3+1, ^3-1
    • Silvester/Euclid sequence
  • View factor tables of following types:
    • Compositorial
    • Depression
    • Near Cunningham number
    • Near-repdigit
    • Near-repdigit palindrome
    • Others
    • Plateau
    • Primorial
    • Quasi-repdigit
  • Download files for input into Primo, to generate certificates or prove composite
  • Submit or upload:
    • Aliquot Sequences
    • Home prime data
    • Primality certifcates genereated by Primo and other such programs
    • Factorizations of numbers

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