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David Slowinski

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David Slowinski
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Real name : David Slowinski
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David Slowinski had been a computer scientist at Cray Research starting in 1977 until about 1999. He had searched for Mersenne primes using Cray supercomputers (using the software that he wrote) and has been involved in the discovery of seven Mersenne primes, namely:

Name Value Discovery date
M27 244,497-1 1979-04-08
M28 286,243-1 1982-09-25
M30 2132,049-1 1983-09-19
M31 2216,091-1 1985-09-01
M32 2756,839-1 1992-02-17
M33 2859,433-1 1994-01-04
M34 21,257,787-1 1996-09-03

He stated that Cray had "lost its way", so he left. Since that time he has had a metal machining shop for about 5 years. He changed from metal to wood and has since been involved in CNC wood routers (~2005 - active as of 2011). He also is involved in other endevours.

It is believed that he currently participates in GIMPS.

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