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Displays a value given in a list of numbers with different options which are seperated by ;.


  1. n-value: only the value is displayed
  2. n-value;Top5000-ID: the n-value is given with a link to the The Prime Pages
  3. n-value;T:<type/s>: the n-value is given with a special type
types are denoted as
T: Twin prime
W: (generalized) Woodall prime
C: (generalized) Cullen prime
S: Sophie Germain prime
  1. n-value;C:<any comment to this value>: given a comment can contain page links and wiki syntax

A combination of these options i possible, but

  • only the n-value is recommended
  • the second parameter can only be the Top5000 ID
  • other special types as given will displays as "ERR"

Every "T:" or "C:" value given will be displayed as a text reference


678901;121905;C:Divides: F(33)
695631;121906;T:WTC;C:[[Test]]<br>'''Divides:''' F(38), GF(38,3), GF(33,6), GF(38,12)

produces the following outputs (with the notes at the bottom of this page):


  1. Twin n=631, Cullen, Test
  2. Twin n=653490, ERR
  3. Cullen, Twin n=688042, Woodall
  4. Divides: F(33)
  5. Woodall, Twin n=695631, Cullen, Test
    Divides: F(38), GF(38,3), GF(33,6), GF(38,12)