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About the Client

RMA.NET is a free program written by Shane Findley.

This Microsoft Windows based distributed client software, can be used by the 15k Search, or anyone interested in finding primes.

Finding titanic primes is now easy for everyone!

NewPGen and LLR, run continuously, as RMA.NET measures their CPU progress, per candidate eliminated.

Then RMA.NET, sets the priority, to the most effiecient process saving precious CPU time.

So there's no need to input parameters, which saves lost time during transitional downtime.

Work ranges can be set in que, ready to start when the current range ends.

It's optional for RMA.NET to automatically return primes non-stop to the database.

Or you can submit them manually later, when you get home from work or vacation, etc.

They work well during offline, and online operation.

The clients are optimized for P4's, SSE2, and run well on a wide range of x86 machines.

To find a prime large enough for the E.F.F. prize will take a month or more, running 24/7! (

Client highlights

Advantages to joining the 15k search and using it's client RMA.NET.

  • There is no use of vulnerable network components.
  • Completely efficient automation, of a hard to model process.
  • Auto submit titanic primes. (non-10M)
  • Animations and currently updated statistics.
  • A random input parameter function is provided, for novice users. (Just click start)
  • There is a preference setting for custom colors and sounds for events.
  • Completely free. No agreement nessesary.
  • It is non-invasive, and can be hidden from the users view.
  • Processor time per prime display
  • Digit count of current prime display
  • Prime count display
  • Other current analysis displays




These clients are easily installed and can be controlled using text files.