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srsieve (and sr1/2/5sieve) is used to create sieve files for one or more sequences. Those software was developed by Geoffrey Reynolds.


Commands overview

Help with "srsieve -h".


Create a folder containing all files.

Creating a new sieve


srsieve -G -n 1 -N 100000 -P 10000000000 "1000*999^n+1"


  • -G: create the output file in PRP-LLR format
  • -n 1: lowest value of n to search
  • -N 100000: highhest value of n to search
  • -P 10000000000: highest prime to search for
  • "1000*999^n+1": the sequence to search

After running several files will be created:

  • "t*_b*.prp": the result file containing all remaining candidates (here t16_b999.prp)
  • "srsieve.log": holding some information of the sieve done (date/time, results)

Continuing an existing sieve file

Using "sr1sieve/sr2sieve" after creating a sieve with "srsieve" is more efficient. To continue the search call this (from example above):

sr1sieve -v -i t16_b999.prp -o t16_b999.prp -P 2000000000000


  • -v: verbose mode while sieving (for quiet mode use -q)
  • -i t16_b999.prp: the input file
  • -o t16_b999.prp: the output file
  • -P 2000000000000: the highest prime to sieve (also as -P 2e12)

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