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Some examples and tests for the Wiki-extensions.

Examples in math (LaTeX) notation
<math>N \supset \mathbb P = \{ p_n \mid n \in N \}</math>
[math]N \supset \mathbb P = \{ p_n \mid n \in N \}[/math]
<math>\iiiint\limits_{F} \, dx\,dy\,dz\,dt</math>
[math]\iiiint\limits_{F} \, dx\,dy\,dz\,dt[/math]
<math>f(n) =
  n/2, & \mbox{if }n\mbox{ is even} \\
  3n+1, & \mbox{if }n\mbox{ is odd}
[math]f(n) = \begin{cases} n/2, & \mbox{if }n\mbox{ is even} \\ 3n+1, & \mbox{if }n\mbox{ is odd} \end{cases}[/math]
<math>\sum_{i=1}^\infty \frac{1}{p_i} = \frac{1}{2} + \frac{1}{3} + \frac{1}{5} + \frac{1}{7} + \frac{1}{11} + \dotsb = \infty</math>
[math]\sum_{i=1}^\infty \frac{1}{p_i} = \frac{1}{2} + \frac{1}{3} + \frac{1}{5} + \frac{1}{7} + \frac{1}{11} + \dotsb = \infty[/math]
<math>\pi(1)=0\ ;\ \pi(10) = 4\ ;\ \pi(100) = 25\ ;\ \pi(1000) = 168; \ \pi(1000000)=78498</math>
[math]\pi(1)=0\ ;\ \pi(10) = 4\ ;\ \pi(100) = 25\ ;\ \pi(1000) = 168; \ \pi(1000000)=78498[/math]
Example of page categorizations
!TopLevel(18 C)
User de(1 C, 1 P)
User de-N(1 P)
no subcategories
User en(1 C, 3 P)
User en-3(1 P)
no subcategories
User fr(1 C, 2 P)
User fr-1(2 P)
no subcategories
User ru(1 C, 2 P)
User ru-N(2 P)
no subcategories
Files(2 C)
Images(9 F)
no subcategories
PDF(2 F)
no subcategories
Frequently asked questions(4 C, 1 P)
Gerneral FAQ(1 P)
no subcategories
Hardware FAQ(1 P)
no subcategories
Math FAQ(empty)
no subcategories
Project FAQ(1 P)
no subcategories
Hardware(22 P)
no subcategories
Help(7 P)
no subcategories
Math(2 C, 67 P)
Factorization(1 C, 14 P)
Factoring program(6 P)
no subcategories
Primality tests(1 C, 11 P)
no subcategories
Numbers(1 C, 10 P)
Primes(5 C, 10 P)
Carol-Kynea primes(4 P)
no subcategories
Mersenne prime(39 P)
no subcategories
Proth prime(1 P)
no subcategories
Riesel prime(1 P)
no subcategories
Williams prime(2 P)
no subcategories
Organizations(1 C, 3 P)
Universities(4 P)
no subcategories
Persons(38 P)
no subcategories
Projects(5 C, 1 P)
Cunningham project(4 P)
no subcategories
no subcategories
no subcategories
Home Prime Search(1 P)
no subcategories
Seventeen or Bust(6 P)
no subcategories
Reserved(1 P)
no subcategories
Shortcut(14 P)
no subcategories
Software(5 C, 38 P)
Code snippets(1 P)
no subcategories
Factoring program(6 P)
no subcategories
no subcategories
Sieving program(3 P)
no subcategories
no subcategories
Spelling(1 P)
no subcategories
System(2 C, 9 P)
Pages with graphs(1 P)
no subcategories
Stub(30 P)
no subcategories
Teams(1 P)
no subcategories
Templates(3 C, 27 P)
Infoboxes(5 P)
no subcategories
Multilanguage(11 P)
no subcategories
Project(1 P)
no subcategories
Websites(8 P)
no subcategories
Example of prime sequence and reservation
Configuration tests: external links open in new browser tab/window
Examples of template usage and data table generating

The category for Carol/Kynea primes holds 3 example pages for some bases (2, 6 and 10).

These pages hold their data in the template CarolKyneaBase using named parameters.

The parameters can be used to create automatically a table of those pages.
Examples for including PDF documents

  • Show document starting at page 3 and different sizings:
Example for fetching data from RieselPrime database

The data are collected from the internal SQL database by Extension:External Data:

  • table: RieselPrime
  • field: rieselk_id = 4 (-> "1" = Mersenne primes)
  • fields collected: n, comment, utm (prime index n, comment like "Woodall", utm: id of Top5000 page)

Functioning but still complicated: no parser/string functions allowed in "#for_external_table" statement, therefore using variables.

Mersenne primes [math]2^n-1[/math], prime for n:

2*, 3, 5*, 7*, 13, 17, 19*, 31, 61, 89, 107, 127, 521, 607, 1279, 2203, 2281, 3217, 4253, 4423, 9689, 9941, 11213, 19937, 21701, 23209, 44497, 86243, 110503, 132049, 216091, 756839, 859433, 1257787, 1398269, 2976221, 3021377, 6972593, 13466917, 20996011, 24036583, 25964951, 30402457, 32582657, 37156667, 42643801, 43112609, 57885161,
Examples for showing images of external pages

Images from external sources have to be put as full link on a page.

Images from Commons Wikimedia

Marin Mersenne
GIMPS logo

Image from Wikipedia

Images can only be diplayed in available sizes, no resize possible.

Image from Wikpedia
Example for SVG support

Test file, original size 580x400 pixel: Test.svg

Test file,size 80 pixel in width: Test.svg

Clicking on the image will lead to the saved file.
Examples for graphs from CSV file

Display with parser function:

Display with image handler:

Examples for graphs extension

Using template PieChart:

Using <graph>-tag directly:

Some other demo graphs are shown here.