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Template:Proth prime

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Template Proth prime

Display of current data for Proth primes, comments will be displayed as references at the bottom.


{{Proth prime


In case of the following conditions special categories will be set automatically:

  • k-value is disvisible by 15 → category Proth 15k is set
  • k-value is disvisible by 2145 → category Proth 2145k is set
  • k-value is disvisible by 2805 → category Proth 2805k is set
  • Nash-weight < 1000 → category Proth Low weight is set

The category Proth prime is set by default.

If "PMultiRes" is set, the parameters "PMaxn", "PDate" and "PReserved" (if given) will be ignored and replaced by the data from the Multi Reservation with ID given.

See also


{{Proth prime
|PReserved=Karsten Bonath
2;T:ST;C: Testtext
15;43912;C:with Top5000 entry
|PRemarks=For this ''k''-value theses are the [[Fermat prime]]s.

will create:

Current data

k-value : 15
Count : 4
Nash : 239
Max n : 20
Date : 2019-03-01
Reserved : Karsten Bonath
2[1], 3[2], 5[3], 15[4]
Remarks :
For this k-value theses are the Fermat primes.


  1. S.G. n=2, Twin n=2, Testtext
  2. S.G. n=3, Woodall, Examples
  3. Example
  4. with Top5000 entry