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*[ Website]
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*[ Forum thread]
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{{Navbox Sieving program}}
{{Navbox Sieving program}}
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[[Category:Sieving program]]

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Workload type Siever
First release 2018-02-10
Latest version 1.9.5


Mtsieve is a multi-threaded sieve framework for different sieving programs developed by Mark Rodenkirch.

Included software

The package contains all C-sources and Windows executables.

The following tools are included:

  • afsieve: search for factors of Alternating Factorials
  • mfsieve: search for factors of Multifactorial numbers
  • cksieve: search for factors of Carol-Kynea primes
  • pixsieve: search for factors of a long decimal string where each successive term adds on decimal digit to the end of the previous decimal term
  • fbncsieve: search for factors of numbers in the form kbn+1 and kbn-1 for fixed b and n and variable k
  • fkbnsieve: search for factors of the form k*bn+c for fixed k, b, and n and variable c
  • gfndsieve: search for factors of k•2n+1, remaining terms are potential divisors of Generalized Fermat numbers
  • kbbsieve: search for factors of numbers of the form kbb+1 or kbb-1 for fixed k and variable b
  • xyyxsieve: search for factors of xy+yx and xy-yx
  • gcwsieve: search for factors of Gen. Cullen primes and Gen. Woodall primes
  • psieve: search for factors of Primorials
  • twinsieve: search for factors of twin primes
  • dmdsieve: search for factors of number of the form 2*k*(2p-1)+1 (potential divisors of Double Mersenne numbers)

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