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<div style="position:relative; height:500px; width:900px; margin-left:10%; display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto">
<div style="font-size:150%;">Here is a Wiki for primes and related topics, still under <span style="color:red;">construction</span>.</div><br>
  <div style="position:absolute; width:480px; left:19%"></div>
   <div style="position:absolute; width:150px; top:3%; left:12%; font-size:150%">'''[[Project]]'''</div>
<div style="position:relative; height:325px; height:32.5rem; width:546px; width:54.6rem; max-width:100%; margin:0 auto; text-align:center; vertical-align:middle">
   <div style="position:absolute; width:150px; top:3%; right:12%; font-size:150%">'''[[Help:Contents|Help]]'''</div>
   <div style="position:absolute; width:150px; top:5%; right:90%; font-size:150%">'''[[:Category:Projects|Projects]]'''</div>
   <div style="position:absolute; width:150px; top:22%; left:7%; font-size:150%">'''[[Person]]'''</div>
   <div style="position:absolute; width:150px; top:5%; right:30%; font-size:150%">'''[[:Category:Help|Help]]'''</div>
   <div style="position:absolute; width:150px; top:22%; right:7%; font-size:150%">'''[[Math]]'''</div>
   <div style="position:absolute; width:150px; top:25%; right:98%; font-size:150%">'''[[:Category:Persons|Persons]]'''</div>
   <div style="position:absolute; width:150px; top:47%; left:3%; font-size:150%">'''[[Prime]]'''</div>
   <div style="position:absolute; width:150px; top:25%; right:22%; font-size:150%">'''[[:Category:Math|Math]]'''</div>
   <div style="position:absolute; width:150px; top:47%; right:3%; font-size:150%">'''[[GIMPS]]'''</div>
   <div style="position:absolute; width:150px; top:45%; right:100%; font-size:150%">'''[[:Category:Primes|Primes]]'''</div>
   <div style="position:absolute; width:150px; top:70%; left:7%; font-size:150%">'''[[Software]]'''</div>
   <div style="position:absolute; width:150px; top:45%; right:20%; font-size:150%">'''[[GIMPS]]'''</div>
   <div style="position:absolute; width:150px; top:70%; right:7%; font-size:150%">'''[ Forum]'''</div>
   <div style="position:absolute; width:150px; top:65%; right:98%; font-size:150%">'''[[:Category:Software|Software]]'''</div>
   <div style="position:absolute; width:150px; top:90%; left:12%; font-size:150%">'''[[Hardware]]'''</div>
   <div style="position:absolute; width:150px; top:65%; right:22%; font-size:150%">'''[]'''</div>
   <div style="position:absolute; width:150px; top:90%; right:12%; font-size:150%">'''[[Help:Category Tree|Categories]]'''</div>
   <div style="position:absolute; width:150px; top:85%; right:90%; font-size:150%">'''[[:Category:Hardware|Hardware]]'''</div>
   <div style="position:absolute; width:350px; top:27%; left:26%; font-size:300%; cursor:default; text-align:center;">'''{{C|red|World record}}'''<br>{{Greatest Mersenne Prime|pure}}<br>'''{{C|red|is prime!}}'''</div>
   <div style="position:absolute; width:150px; top:85%; right:30%; font-size:150%">'''[[Help:Category Tree|Categories]]'''</div>
   <div style="position:absolute; width:100px; top:20%; left:30%; font-size:150%; cursor:default">'''HP49'''</div>
   <div style="position:absolute; width:480px; top:0%; right:40%;"></div>
   <div style="position:absolute; width:100px; top:20%; right:30%; font-size:150%; cursor:default">'''ALQ'''</div>
  <div style="position:absolute; width:150px; top:40%; right:63%; font-size:300%"><strong>2<sup>82589933</sup>-1</strong></div>
   <div style="position:absolute; width:100px; top:15%; left:45%; font-size:150%; cursor:default">'''GMP'''</div>
   <div style="position:absolute; width:100px; top:20%; right:75%; font-size:150%"><strong>HP49</strong></div>
   <div style="position:absolute; width:100px; top:65%; left:30%; font-size:150%; cursor:default">'''ECM'''</div>
   <div style="position:absolute; width:100px; top:10%; right:60%; font-size:150%"><strong>ALQ</strong></div>
   <div style="position:absolute; width:100px; top:65%; right:30%; font-size:150%; cursor:default">'''LLR'''</div>
   <div style="position:absolute; width:100px; top:20%; right:50%; font-size:150%"><strong>GMP</strong></div>
   <div style="position:absolute; width:100px; top:75%; right:45%; font-size:150%; cursor:default">'''PRP'''</div>
   <div style="position:absolute; width:100px; top:20%; right:50%; font-size:150%"><strong>GMP</strong></div>
  <div style="position:absolute; width:100px; top:60%; right:75%; font-size:150%"><strong>ECM</strong></div>
   <div style="position:absolute; width:100px; top:80%; right:63%; font-size:150%"><strong>LLR</strong></div>
   <div style="position:absolute; width:100px; top:60%; right:50%; font-size:150%"><strong>PRP</strong></div>
<div style="width:100%; border:1px solid black; border-radius:5px; padding:2px 5px 2px 5px; background-color:SkyBlue;"><div style="text-align:center;">{{SITENAME}} made up of '''{{Num|{{formatnum:{{NUMBEROFPAGES}}|R}}}} pages''' with '''{{Num|{{formatnum:{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}}|R}}}} [[Special:AllPages|articles]]''' and '''{{Num|{{formatnum:{{NUMBEROFFILES}}|R}}}} [[Special:MediaStatistics|files]]''' done by '''{{#expr:{{NUMBEROFUSERS}}+{{NUMBEROFADMINS}}}} [[Special:ListUsers|users]]''' in '''{{Num|{{formatnum:{{NUMBEROFEDITS}}|R}}}} edits'''.</div>
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<div style="font-size: 250%; border:none; margin:0; padding:.1em; color:#000;">Welcome to the Prime Wiki,</div>
<div style="top:+0.2em; font-size:95%;">the encyclopedia that registered users can edit.</div>
<div id="articlecount" style="font-size:85%;">'''[[Special:Statistics|{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}}]]''' articles in English (mainly).</div>
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* [[:Category:Math|Math]]
* [[Hardware|Hardware]]
* [[:Category:Software|Software]]
| style="width:13%; font-size:95%;" |
* [[Distributed Computing Projects|Projects]]
* [[:Category:Persons|People]]
* [[:Category:Organizations|Organizations]]
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* [[:Category:Websites|Websites]]
* [[FAQ|FAQ]]
* [[Current events|News]]
This wiki is for the [[Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search]] (GIMPS), a [[distributed computing project]] dedicated to finding [[Mersenne prime]]s and related prime finding projects.
The largest known prime to date is {{Greatest Mersenne Prime}} discovered by [[Patrick Laroche]] on 2018-12-07. See [[Mersenne News]].
== Categories ==
Categories can be found [[:Category:!TopLevel|'''here''']].
==Special Events==
* [[GIMPS20]]
* [[Frequently asked questions]]
* [[Glossary]]
* [[Factorization|Factorization methods]]
* [[Primality test|Primality tests]]
* [[GIMPS clients]] - includes the official GIMPS clients [[Prime95]]/MPrime
* [[Primality testing program]]s
* [[Factoring program]]s
* [[GPU]] clients
* [[:Category:Software|Various other software]]
* [[Frequently asked questions]]
* [[System Requirements and Compatible Hardware]]
{| border="1" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="0"
| colspan="3" align="center"|'''[[Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search|GIMPS]]'''
| colspan="3" align="center"|'''GIMPS Related Projects'''
| [[Lone Mersenne Hunters]] || [[100 Million Digit Prefactor Project]] || [[Operation Billion Digits]]
| colspan="3" align="center"|'''Other Prime Searching Projects'''
| [[12121 Search]] || [[27121 Search]] || [[PSearch]]
| [[Riesel Sieve]] || [[Sierpinski/Riesel Base 5]] || [[Twin Prime Search]]
| [[Riesel Prime Search]] || [[Prime Sierpinski Project]] || [[No Prime Left Behind]]
| colspan="3" align="center"|'''Other Factoring Projects'''
| [[Mersenneplustwo Factorizations]] || [[NFSNET]] || [[Home Primes Search]]
| [[Aliquot Sequences Search]] (see [ forum])|| [[ElevenSmooth]] || [[Cunningham Tables]]
| [[Factoring Database]] || ||
| colspan="3" align="center"|'''Defunct Projects'''
| [[MasterPrime 2006]] || [[15k Search]] ||
Feel free to post your name here and eventually what you've done.
*[[User:OmbooHankvald|OmbooHankvald]] - Making guides, writing wiki, simplifying advanced stuff.
*[[User:Numbers|Numbers]] - Real easy stuff
*[[User:Prime Monster|Prime Monster]] - Easy stuff
*[[User:T.Rex|T.Rex]] - Papin's test - Generalised Fermat Numbers - LLT Digraph
*[[User:S80780|S80780]] - GIMPS client files + a little proofreading
*[[User:Phil Moore|Phil Moore]] - proof of Lucas-Lehmer test
*[[User:Fetofs|Fetofs]] - Proofreading, linking and easy stuff
*[[User:Cheesehead|Richard B. Woods ("cheesehead")]] - Explana-, clarifica-, correc-, and sugges-tions.
*[[User:Jinydu|Jin Du]]
*[[User:Ixfd64|Ixfd64]] - general copyediting
*[[User:Sutton Shin|Sutton Shin]] - random maintance work.
==To all users!==
Please remember to create an account and log in to edit pages. You can play around in the [[mersennewiki:Sandbox|Sandbox]]. Remember that your changes will not be saved until you request and receive an account <span class="plainlinks">[ here]</span>.
Unfortunately, account creation by new users is now disabled due to excessive vandalism. However, anyone desiring editing status can <span class="plainlinks">[ request an account]</span> on the GIMPS forum.

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