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*[http://www.eff.org/awards/coop.php EFF Cooperative Computing Awards]
*[http://www.eff.org/awards/coop.php EFF Cooperative Computing Awards]
*[http://www.mersenne.org/prize.htm Monetary Awards] from the GIMPS pages
*[http://www.mersenne.org/prize.htm Monetary Awards] from the GIMPS pages

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As if having the best distributed computing client on the net is not a big enough incentive to run GIMPS, there is also a substantial award for the person that discovers a ten million digit prime number.

If you find such a prime with the software provided, GIMPS will claim the award and distribute the award according to the rules published on the GIMPS site.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) offers prizes to the people/projects that finds the following numbers:


A word of warning!!!

If you decide to install this client, or any other DC client, on your employers machines, always, always get written permission before installing idle-cycle software on any machines you do not have absolute administrative control over.

Many companies have a strict policy against running any non-business software. You will not get a lot of sympathy from the DC community if you installed a DC client on a lot of machines and then got into trouble because of that. In some countries it is actually a criminal offence.

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