Update History

2012-06-30New page for Home Prime Base 3 included
2012-04-24New page for Inverse Home Prime Base 8 included
2012-03-071652 new primes (out of 6934) for 4500 < k < 5000, n ≤ 200000 from O.T.Santandreu inserted
2012-02-29New page for NPLB Drive #12C included
2012-02-24Page for NPLB Drive #12B completed
2012-02-20Values for 14000 ≤ n < 15000 from R.Pierrard added to the page First odd k twin for k·2n-1
2012-01-21New page for Public PRPnet and LLRnet servers included
2012-01-11New page for NPLB Drive #14 included
2011-11-23Condensed Riesel-list for 10000 < k < 100000 included (all k, n ≤ 1007: G.Barnes; k < 15000, n ≤ 20000: T.Ritschel)
2011-10-24New page for Project TPS Twin Prime Search (see "Other Projects") included
2011-10-19279 new primes for 15 k-values of OEIS A195502 from B.Koen inserted
2011-09-27On page First odd k with Sophie-Germain values for 1700 ≤ n < 4000 added
2011-09-13RPS continues work at RPS Drive #7 for n > 1000000
2011-09-08New page for RPS Drive #11 included
2011-08-09Values for 12000 ≤ n ≤ 14000 from R.Pierrard added for the page First odd k twin for k·2n-1
2011-08-09About 2700 new primes and 68 twins inserted for 108 < k < 1010 from D.Zaveri (html-Version by B.Jeong)
2011-08-04New page for NPLB Drive #13 included
2011-08-03Page for RPS Drive #7 completed
2011-07-15New Page for First odd k, k·2n+1 prime included
2011-06-14New Page for First odd k, k·2n-1 prime included
2011-05-24New Page for RPS MegaBit-Drive #2 included
2011-01-25New Page for Smarandache type numbers and factorizations included
2010-11-19NPLB Drive #11 closed
2010-11-12New page for RPS MegaBit-Drive #1 included
2010-11-04New pages for Status of Proth Primes for k < 1200 included
2010-10-28It's done! New pages for Proth Primes k·2n+1 for k < 10000 and Statistics included
2010-10-19New page for primes of the form k·bb-1 included
2010-09-15New page for primes of the form k·bb+1 included
2010-08-081326 Primes (2 confirmed) for 10k < n ≤ 20k and 4000 < k < 5000 included
2010-07-22New page for First odd k with Sophie-Germain included
2010-07-027664 primes (676 conf.) for 99 high-weight k-values > 1010 from D.Zaveri included
2010-06-21New page for NPLB Mini Drive #4 included
2010-05-28Updated all Riesel-Problem k-values, testing by PrimeGrid
2010-05-08164 missing Twin-primes added, tested by T.Sorbera from all primes in Data-Section
2010-05-042374 Primes (314 confirmed) for 50k ≤ n ≤ 250k and 2000 < k < 3000 from NPLB Team Drive #12 included
2009-12-272256 Primes (29 confirmed) for 10k ≤ n ≤ 50k and 7000 < k < 8000 from P.Benson included
2009-12-181300 Primes (162 confirmed) for 20k ≤ n ≤ 50k and 2000 < k < 3000 included
2009-09-24New pages for Home Primes Base 2, 6 and 10 included
2009-08-20New page for Free-DC Prime Search Team Drive #3 included
2009-08-14New page for NPLB Team Drive #12 included
2009-07-29The range 5000 < k < 6000 is on the run by J.Van Klein here and reserved up to n = 1000000
2009-07-21New page for NPLB Mini Drive #3 (3010 < k < 3200) included
2009-07-16New menu for Aliquot Sequences inserted
2009-07-03Primes for 20k ≤ n ≤ 50k and 3000 < k < 3400 included
2009-06-282014 Primes (67 confirmed) for 2000 < k < 4000 and 10k ≤ n ≤ 20k from T.Ritschel included
2009-06-22New page for NPLB Team Drive #11 included
2009-06-13A new Mersenne prime 242643801-1 (found on 2009-04-12) verified!
2009-06-03New page for RPS Team Drive #10 included
2009-06-01New menu for Free-DC Prime Search included (Team Drive #1 and Team Drive #2)
2009-05-23New page for RPS Team Drive #9 included
2009-05-06Updated Statistics- and Download-pages with current Data
2009-05-02About 670 new primes for 10k ≤ n ≤ 50k and 6000 < k < 6300 from D.Metcalfe included
2009-04-18New page for RPS Drive #8 included
2009-04-17Range 1002 < k < 1400 marked upto n = 500000 completed!
2009-04-13New page for NPLB Team Drive #10 included
2009-04-12Finally all primes for 1002 < k < 2000 and 50000 ≤ n ≤ 200000 inserted (see NPLB Drive 9A)
2009-02-10Updated Download-Section with current Data and file with all Twins!
2009-02-06New page for RPS Drive #7 included
2009-02-05S.Harvey found another 'missing' prime during doublechecks: 29 · 2347896-1 ! (after 27 · 2282700-1)
2009-01-21264 primes for 8001 ≤ k ≤ 8111 and 50k ≤ n ≤ 300k from A.Sutton inserted
2009-01-20New page for NPLB Team Drive #8 included
2009-01-12New page for NPLB Doublechecks included
2009-01-08New page for NPLB Team Drive #9 included
2009-01-04HTML-code changes (id to class, Syntax-checks)
2009-01-04Statistics-page with history, HTML-code changes
2008-12-23New page with downloads included
2008-12-21All available Top5000 primes for k < 100 listed with link
2008-12-19New pages for NPLB Team Drives #5, #6 and #7 included
2008-12-15261 primes for 8001 ≤ k ≤ 8111 and 10k < n < 50k inserted (thanks A.Sutton)
2008-12-12New page for NPLB Race #8 included
2008-12-11New page for Constant-n Searches included
2008-11-16Converted dateformat from DD.MM.YYYY into ISO-Standard YYYY-MM-DD
2008-10-12New layout: better Menu
2008-09-29New page for RPS Drive #6 included
2008-08-20About 510 (30 confirmed) primes for 1000 < k < 2000 for 35k < n < 50k inserted from K.Bonath
2008-08-0466 k's (20,000-200,000) with about 3700 primes/160 twins from (lavalamp) inserted
2008-07-29Inserted primes for 10k < n < 35k and 1001 < k < 1399 (from K.Bonath) and 1653 < k < 1999 (from D.Stevens,K.Bonath)
2008-01-26Summary for RPS-effort k = 15 here
2008-01-23Inserted primes for 10k < n < 35k and 1401 < k < 1651 (from A.Sutton)
2008-01-21Liskovets-Gallot-conjectures with all current data here
2008-01-17Summary for RPS-effort of the 9 k's included here
2008-01-17Summary for RPS-effort for k = 17 (new range display) here
2008-01-12Summary for RPS-effort for k = 105 included, see here
2008-01-10Summary for RPS-effort for k = 17 included, see here
2008-01-08Marked/listed all Near Woodall primes here
2008-01-08New page with available sieve files here
2008-01-05Statistics-page with number of primes found by RPS since Oct. 2005
2007-12-22Avatars inserted in Contributors
2007-12-15Inserted all Riesel-numbers where first prime 8192 < n < 16384, 125 numbers all over
2007-12-05Slightly changed menu structure, javascript for all pages imported from file
2007-11-25New menu structure and extra pages for all 5 RPS-drives here
2007-11-20New Summary page with the even Riesel problem here
2007-11-13inserted k's from even Riesel problem (see here and here)
2007-10-28new page with Riesel Problem with latest data here
2007-10-24new page with first odd k with twin here
2007-10 many small primes filled, mostly for ranges 10^4, 10^5 and 10^8
2007-10-15Inserted all Riesel-numbers where first prime n > 16384, 358 numbers all over
2007-10-01splitted k's in more files (for k < 10k in 2k chunks, higher k's in 10n chunks) so download-time is smaller
2007-09-13new page with Statistics about primes, twins and Cunningham Chains
2007-09 page with remaining k's filled with nash weights, colours for 15k and low weight k's; twins and Sophie Germain marked
2007-08-31784 twins for k < 3009 marked
2007-08-09marked some Twin primes for k's (Data from G.Barnes) not all yet; new Woodall Prime; Stats: all k's: 6588 k's with 116381 primes!
2007-08-07k = 8085 moved from remain-page to summary-page; included some Riesel numbers with first prime from 200k to 250k (more to come)
2007-07-25more than 630 new primes included since 2007-07-12: actual for k > 300 there are 6362 k's with 110641 primes listed!
2007-07-22new page with all contributors of RPS-Project with their prover codes and number of primes found
2007-07-18new page with overview of all known Woodall-Primes (see here)
2007-07-15included Primorials upto Pr(11) (next will follow) with their primes, Note: Primoproth has many false n, now ok in summary
2007-07-12all k < 10k with n < 10k from G.Barnes included from here (new page with remaining k's)
2007-07-06some errorfixes for k = 1421, 2683, 7911, 9225 and all Woodall-primes (thanks G.Barnes)
2007-06-28all k's, primes and reservations from PrimeSearch inserted in 300 < k < 3010 page
2007-06-25filled new row with max n or range of search
2007-06-19filled new row for standard Nash-weight (thanks T.Ritschel for his program and data)
2007-06-14special marks for Woodall/Sophie Germain/100th prime of one k included
2007-06-01all reserved k's with bookmark-links (not yet for k < 3000)
2007-05-31checked all 725 primes from TOP 5000 RPS-Project (2007-05-30), small updates
2007-05-27included/checked 554 k's from T.Ritschel (mostly k < 3000 and low-weight k's) (not included 69 k's with one exponent for n = 201024)
2007-05-22k<300 deleted and 300 < k < 3010 moved to own page
2007-05-21included 164 k's with 433 primes from P.Benson (mostly 1003<k<1399)
2007-05-19checked all 1053 primes from Top5000 15k-Search
2007-05-15# primes filled for all k's (counted only listed n's) -> Statistics
2007-05-14quick-links etc. moved into menu
2007-05-12all remaining k from 'Choose your Candidate'
2007-05-10Primorials Pr(3) to Pr(20) included (thanks P.Minovic)
2007-05-02Stats Riesel Numbers k = 1000 - 3000 included
2007-04-30quick-links to numbers
2007-04-26easier html-code with css-style color-definitions
2007-04-23all data of post #1 Choose your own k and work on finding a top-5000 prime!
2007-04-202 pages of k-values and reservations from (D.Metcalfe)
2007-04-19all posts of archived thread POST PRIMES you've found...